artisan-bread-rangeArtisan Bread Range

Australian Bakels. The creators of world class ingredient solutions and your partner in artisan craftsmanship.

By thinking globally and sourcing locally, Bakels ensure the use of the finest raw materials to provide ingredients for inspiration. Truly great products stand the test of time and now, over 100 years on, we are still being appreciated around the world.

Bakels believe that craftsmen are limited only by their imagination and provide artisan bakers the opportunity to add significant value to their unique creations by improving consistency in quality and efficiency.

Strengthened by our world class technical support team, Bakels are dedicated to your success and surpassing our industry’s potential. We welcome you to try our Artisan Range of Bread Mixes and Concentrates today.

Bread Mixes... just add yeast & water

  • Ciabatta Bread Mix 15.000 392801
  • Low GI Multiseed Bread Mix 12.500 394752
  • Spelt Bread Mix CL 15.000 394701
  • Chia Bread Mix CL 15.000 391851

Bread Concentrates... just add flour, yeast & water

  • Ancient Grain & Seeds Concentrate CL 50% 15.000 394921
  • Sour Bread Concentrate 10% 15.000 394601
  • Jogga Bread Mix CL 50% 15.000 392001
  • American Rye Bread Mix 50% 15.000 391401
  • Scandinavian Rye Bread Mix 50% 15.000 391501
  • Four Seed Concentrate 50% 15.000 392201

decadent-donutsBakels Cake Donut Range

The Bakels Cake Donut Range has been officially launched offering innovative flavours within a perfect formulation.

Simply add water and mix to create voluptuous, mouth-watering donuts. It’s never been so easy to achieve a balanced flavour and a perfect star shaped centre.

Create an indulgent donut range using Bakels Vanilla Donut Mix, Chocolate Donut Mix and Red Velvet Donut Mix. Demand attention with Bakels range of quality fondants, frying oils and decorative accompaniments.

Rtr-pettinice-icingsRTR Pettinice Icings

Bakels quality RTR Pettinice Icings have made it even easier to create extraordinary celebration cakes.

Due to popular demand, Bakels have introduced Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Black and Orange RTR Icings to the growing range.

Offering fabulous keeping qualities with individual 6x750g packs the range is suitable for making all your decorating requirements.

Also available in our new resealable, fresh keeping 7kg pail are White, Chocolate, Almond and Ivory.

Macaron Mix

Bakels Macaron Mix

317012 - 10kg

macaron pronounced [mak-uh-ron

Made of egg whites, sugar, almond meal and your choice of flavour.

Recreate these delicate almond infused meringues with ease using Bakels Macaron Mix . . . just add water. First to the Australian market, this mix guarantees to produce smooth, dome shaped, moist Macarons that melt in your mouth. 

Compliment this innovative product with Bakels Pastes or Fillings to add vibrancy and elegance to your range. Limited only by your imagination, Bakels Macaron Mix is sure to inspire!


Macaron Mix

Bakels Red Velvet Cake Mix

383771 - 15kg

As distinctive in colour as it is in flavour, Bakels have taken this American classic and added a modern raspberry twist!

Offering a popular flavour profile this unique mix is versatile and can be used for bar, round or cup cakes, slices & even cheesecakes.

Finish this vivid indulgence with Bakels range of RTU Icings or Ganache to enhance an already decadent dessert.

Contact your Rep today for a free trial!


Tiger Paste

Bakels Tiger Paste Mix


Originating in The Netherlands, Tiger Paste provides a crunchy, textured crust to any traditional bread.

Bakels Tiger Paste Mix guarantees a distinguishing cracking characteristic to make for an eye catching product.

Available in convenient 1kg sachets, simply add water, stir, apply & make your sales roar!


Bakels Ciabatta Mix

Bakels Ciabatta Mix

392801 - 15kg

Growing in popularity globally, this rustic Italian loaf is a culinary tradition..

Bakels Ciabatta Mix guarantees a crisp crust with a soft, porous texture just by adding yeast & water.

Limited only by your imagination, Bakels Ciabatta Mix is the perfect base for creating multiple lines including Foccacia, Panini, Pizza Bases and even Turkish Bread.



SG-Bread-3Bakels Research technologists have been busy working on advanced bread improver technology and after extensive research and baking trials the Quantum leap in innovation for bread improvers has arrived.

The essence of the Quantum breakthrough is new ways of using traditional ingredients for greater water absorption in doughs with minimal additives resulting in softer doughs that are easy to handle and process. - offering the consumer a far softer crumb and the baker improved yield.

Quantum has proven applicable to a wide range of flour types, recipes and processes. Importantly the improver tolerance of Quantum has recently been demonstrated by its ability to successfully cope with the flour quality challenges which have arisen from the current rain affected wheat harvest. Quantum's success in the market has come as no surprise as this innovative range really delivers on its promises of quality and cost effectiveness.

Strengthens bread doughs

  • Doughs process without sticking
  • Provides dough stability as dough is worked off
  • Improved volume, crumb & texture
  • Uniformity across batches of rolls etc.
  • May enable gluten reduction in some recipes.

Crumb softness

  • From better dough development and optimal water absorption.

Works in these dough processes

  • Instant dough processes/spiral mixers
  • MDD dough processes/tweedy mixers

Improves dough water absorption

  • Average ~2-4% on flour weight.
  • Batch yield increase.

Quantum Bread Improvers

Australian Bakels successfully launched the Quantum Range of Bread Improvers nationally on 15 October 2010, inviting their customers to experience this superior technology for themselves with a "money back if not satisfied offer" - reflecting our confidence in the products!

  • SG-Bread-5Quantum CL1000 Improver
    a 1% improver without emulsifier
  • Quantum Plus Improver
    a 1% improver with emulsifier

Tested in these recipes

  • White sandwich breads.
  • Wholemeal & mixed grain breads.
  • Baguettes & crusty breads.
  • Sweet doughs, bread rolls.
  • Fruit breads etc.

Not inhibited by vinegar preservative

  • Tested in recipes up to 2% vinegar (10% strength) on flour weight.

Works across all flour types

  • Conventional treated baking flours.
  • Unbleached & untreated flours.
  • Wholemeals and stone ground organics.

Clean Label (Quantum CL1000 Improver)

  • Minimal declaration.
  • No emulsifier.

SG-BreadBakels Low GI Multiseed Bread Mix

All carbohydrate foods are not created the same. Glycaemic Index, or GI, is based on 25 years of research and ranks carbohydrates according to their impact on blood glucose levels. Many scientists agree that a diet containing low GI foods contributes towards a number of positive health factors including:

  • Reducing the risk of developing or helping to manage, type II diabetes.
  • Reducing calorie intake by promoting satiety of the feeling of being "full" after eating.

Logo MultiseedAs a result health professionals are increasingly recommending the consumption of at least one serving of low GI food at each meal, including snacks. This offers bakeries a wealth of opportunity to target this growing niche.

The Glycaemic Index Symbol Program was launched in Australia in 2002 to help consumers identify the GI of foods. Foods that carry the symbol are guaranteed to have been properly tested by an accredited laboratory.